Dual Enrollment

 Neville High School is pleased to be able to offer both face to face and on-line dual enrollment classes for our students.  We strive to provide a challenging curriculum for our students while helping them begin their post-secondary careers.  Tuition for high school students is well below the regular cost at the respective schools, and Neville also provides the textbooks which results in a considerable cost savings.   This program gives students an opportunity to begin their college educations with a head start on their grade point averages and hours toward their TOPS “completion ratios.” 

We have an agreement with the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) and Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC) to provide classes.  Specific course offerings may vary from semester to semester, or year to year, as interest demands, or as instructors become available.  Below you will find the courses listed which we currently offer.  Instructors are a combination of Neville faculty who are credentialed to teach at the college level and ULM and LDCC professors.

With few exceptions, all of the classes offered here are on the Louisiana state articulation list, which means that these courses are transferable to any other school under the Louisiana university systems.  Transfer to private schools in-state, or to schools out-of-state, will depend on the receiving school.

The Neville Dual Enrollment Office also works with students who want to take advantage of the collegiate programs on the ULM campus.  This allows our high school students to take courses on the other campuses that are not available here, yet benefit from the same tuition cost savings. . Encourage your students to take the ACT test by the end of their freshman year.  Dual Enrollment courses are offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Our office also works with students who wish to take technical courses at LDCC under the TOPS Tech program.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns about the dual enrollment program at Neville High School.  We are happy to serve you.


Susan Stewart

Dual Enrollment Coordinator

323-2237 X 1229


ULM dual enrollment: 

Requirements: (These requirements are changing for the upcoming year.)

Composite ACT 19, GPA 3.0 (2.5-2.9 with permission)

  • Grade level must be 10th or above.
  • Students must be addressing the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum.
  • All course prerequisites must be met.
    Students must complete online application.

Courses offered and the Neville class in which to enroll:

(Additional requirement of English sub score of 18)

English 1001 (3 hrs) – Fall – (English IV AP)

English 1002 (3 hrs) – Spring – (English IV AP)

(Additional requirement of math sub score of 19)
Math 093 (3 hrs) Fall - (Adv. Math Pre-Cal) Remedial with math sub score less than 19

Math 1011 (3 hrs) Spring –(Advanced Math Pre-Cal H)

Math 1012 (3 hrs) Fall - (Advanced Math Pre-Cal H)

Math 1014 (3 hrs) Fall – entire year course – (Calculus)
Math 1016 (3 hrs) Spring - entire year course -( Adv.Math - Pre-Cal)

Biology 1001 (3 hrs) – Fall – entire year course (Biology II DE)

Biology 1009 (1 hr Lab –  cost $150) – Spring - must be registered for Bio 1001


Latin 1001 (3 hrs) Fall – entire year (Latin II or III)

Latin 1002 (3 hrs) Fall – entire year (Latin II or III)


Online Offerings -
HIST 1011 (3 hrs) Fall - World Civilization I
HIST 1012 (3 hrs) Spring - World Civilization II
PSYC 2001 (3 hrs) Both - Intro to Psychology
SOCL 1001 (3 hrs) Both - Intro to Sociology
MUSC 1091 (3 hrs) Both - Enjoyment of Music
AHSC 2000 (3 hrs) Both - Medical Terminology
CJUS 101 (3 hrs) Both - Intro to Criminal Justice

Cost - $50 per semester hour.  (i.e. Three hour course = $150)  Neville supplies the text book. (The regular cost of a three hour course at ULM is now $1,200, including fees, but does not include the textbook.) 

On-line registration – Registration must be completed online.  The major registration window will be in the spring for the following fall.  There will be a very short registration window in the fall for transfer students.  Check with the Neville Dual Enrollment office for specific dates. 

            Students that have never taken a ULM dual enrollment class, or students with a break in enrollment, will be required to complete online applications.  Students wanting to take CJUS 101 should register online through LDCC.

            ACT scores must be sent electronically directly to ULM and must be received before the student can be officially enrolled in ULM courses.  You may go to www.actstudent.org and request records be sent to ULM site code 1598 if you have not previously listed ULM as a school choice.  

            Students with consecutive semesters of enrollment only have to turn in the signature page, available from the Neville dual enrollment office.  New students must turn in the signature page and a check or money order for $20, payable to ULM for the registration fee.  Forms may be picked up from the rack outside of the Neville Dual Enrollment Office. 

Important dates:

Dates for the application window, enrollment cancellation, tuition payments, and course drop dates will be posted, as they are known. 

NOTE:  Dropping a class with the Neville Guidance Department does not automatically drop a student from the university course.  Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate drop slip, completing it, and returning it to the Dual Enrollment Office by the drop date.  Failure to drop a university course will result in an “F” on the student’s college transcript.  Classes dropped between the cancellation date and the drop date will result in a “W” on the student transcript.