Art Club

Sponsors:  A. Burch, J. Sumlin

The Neville High School Art Club was organized in the spring of 2006.  They have participated in many varied activities including hosting a Face Painting Booth at the Neville Homecoming Carnival, helping with some of the decorations for the Neville Gala event celebrating Neville's 75th year, and some of the members worked at the Garden District Assoc.'s 1st and 2nd Fall Festivals by helping the children decorate pumpkins.  They provided decorative murals for the Rotary Club's annual Children's Christmas part for two years.  

     Any student interested in joining the Art Club should be presently taking art or have taken an art class at Neville, General or Talented. Dues are seven dollars for the year. T-Shirts are $13.00. Just contact one of the art teachers/sponsors. Students should be interested in art and participating in the many varied art activities that arise.


Decorations for Biedenharn Museum's
Easter events