National French Honor Society

National French Honor Society
La Société Honoraire de Français.

Each Spring The National French Honor Society inducts new members to our prestigious society. This society works in conjunction with the French Club but it is also responsible for free tutoring to any of the students taking French who might be in need of assistance with the language.
Future inductees are required to read the requirements before applying.
To learn more about how SHF members participate in the society click on the link below:

Pictures of ceremony items can be found here:

  Materials for the induction ceremony.doc 

Prices of ceremony items can be found here:

 Attention future inductees! Here are the requirements for membership.

  1. Candidates must have maintained an A - ( minus) average or higher in French during the semester of selection, and averaged cumulative grade of  A minus or higher for all French work awarded secondary school credit.
  2. Candidates must have maintained a B - (minus) average or higher in all other subjects  during the semester of selection, and an averaged cumulative grade of  B - (minus) or higher in other subjects for work awarded secondary school credit. French may not be used to calculate this average.
3. Candidates must turn in their transcripts to verify eligibility to Mme Asale .