Carroll High School Medical Magnet Program

Carroll High School Medical Magnet Program
Posted on 03/17/2016
CHS Medical Magnet Program

The Carroll High School Medical Magnet program has produced a large number of students who have graduated and acquired jobs in local hospitals and nursing homes, with home health care, and in private sitting services.  Many other CHS graduates have used the knowledge gained through this program to enroll in medical curricula at community and four-year colleges to further their education in the health field.  The program, under the direction of Mrs. Shandria Newton, offers courses in Introduction to Health Occupations, Medical Terminology, First Responder, and Certified Nursing Assistant.  Last year, there were students enrolled in Pharmacy Tech, and next year, the program hopes to implement Sports Medicine I (fall semester) and Sports Medicine II (spring semester).  

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Medical Magnet Course Offerings

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