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Effective September 4, 2018, ALL STUDENTS wishing to enroll in the Driver Education program must obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) from the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).  This step was previously done by the driving school personnel, and is now performed at the OMV.  This act was passed in the 2016 regular legislative session, and is now being implemented for classes starting after the effective date.  For more information online, go to

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Step 1:  On or after September 4, take your student, along with original or certified copy of birth certificate, verification of social security number, and documents pertaining to parental custody (if applicable) to the OMV.  You will pay to get the TIP.  This permit only allows you to drive with an instructor during the behind-the-wheel training.

Step 2:  Pick up the class enrollment packet from Mrs. Bullock in the main office for the next available class.  Complete the class enrollment forms, and return the forms, along with a copy of the TIP and $300 to Mrs. Bullock.  You are not considered enrolled in the class until this step is completed.

Step 3:  The student completes the classroom portion and the driving portion of the class, and then takes the TIP, the course completion certificate, and a proof of attendance letter to the OMV to convert their TIP into a learner’s permit for no additional charge.

The phone number for the Monroe OMV is 318-362-3121, and the phone number for the West Monroe location is 318-362-3424.

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Driver Education

*We would like to start a new class on September 24, 2018, depending on the success of getting students registered.  This date may change to slightly later if this new process takes longer than expected.

**The OMV will not take students for the TIP until September 4, 2018, and later.

Contact Sherrie Tyler at 318-323-2237, Ext. 1290 or email
Jeff Gregory, at 318-323-2237, Ext. 1246 or email for more information.