Mrs. Shepard's U.S. History and Civics Classes


All students should have a 3 ring binder with tab dividers for class. Your notebook sections should be in this order - bellringers, notes, handouts, book work, maps.  All bellringers should be labeled with the date.  

Each day students receive daily grades based on classroom behaviors.  Make sure you are in your seat and working when the bell rings!  

U.S. HISTORY STUDENTS -  4th Nine Weeks Timeline Projects due
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                        U.S. History EOC was on TUESDAY MAY 1, 2018.  

Take some time to look over the classroom procedures that are listed below.

If you need to contact me I have 3rd hour planning which is from 10:33-11:26.  The school number is 323-2237 or you can email me at

U.S.HISTORY   Week of  May 14-16  Continue watching The Help with discussion of Civil Rights Movement in LA/MS, quiz on movie/Civil Rights.  
CIVICS Week of May 14-16 
 - We will begin review for the semester test with review questions/hand outs done daily in class for a grade.

Mrs. Shepard’s Classroom Procedures

REQUIRED MATERIALS. Bring the following materials to class each day:

-two pens

- 3 ring binder with tab dividers, loose leaf paper

- hi-liters

-3X5 spiral bound note cards


ENTERING THE CLASSROOM . We enter the classroom in a calm, quiet manner. Enter silently and take a seat. Remember: Once the door is closed, you must be in your seat and working. (That means having the necessary materials out on your desk.)

BELLRINGERS. You will have a bell ringer on the board EVERYDAY. You should be working on the bellringer when the bell rings! Failure to do this will be reflected in your daily grade! This is a 90 point grade – so it can either help you or hurt you.

NOTEBOOK. This is an important tool. Bring it to class with you every single day. The notebook will be graded during each 9-week grading period. Your notebook grade will count as one test grade of your final 9-week grade.

ASKING QUESTIONS.LEAVING YOUR SEAT.GETTING HELP. Raise your hand and I will acknowledge you. Do not leave your seat in the middle of a lesson without permission.

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR. Your responsibilities in this class are to: be on time, be prepared, and be productive. All team members are expected to be polite and respectful to one another---and that includes the teacher. No student will be allowed to disrupt the learning of his or her classmates.

MAKEUP WORK. When you are absent you are expected to make up any work you missed. On the day you return, it is your responsibility to ask what assignments you have missed. I will not remind you for any missed work.



HOMEWORK and PROJECTS - Homework, when assigned, will be due at the beginning of class. Have it out on your desk ready to be picked up or checked. The same procedure is followed when projects are due.

ASSIGNMENTS. All assignments are to be done in ink on loose leaf paper. Pencil and spiral paper are not acceptable. All assignments should have the following information in the upper left hand corner: your student number for my class, first and last name, the date, the subject and class hour. (U.S. History – 1st hour)

CHEATING. Cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolerated. Cheating will result in a zero grade for the assignment or test.

MAKE-UP TESTS. Make-up tests will be given before or after school, at lunch, or at the teacher’s convenience. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for make- up tests.

END OF CLASS DISMISSAL. Two minutes before class ends, I will tell you to start getting packed up. Students do not make the decision about when to pack up. We will straighten the room. Then, I will give you any last minute instructions and dismiss you.

TARDINESS. You are expected to be in your seat when I close the door. If you come in late and do not have a pass you are tardy.If you are late (unexcused) for more than 5 minutes, this is not a tardy. You are considered to be "skipping” and you will be given an automatic referral.

PERSONAL GROOMING – putting on makeup, hair styling etc… is not allowed during class time.

CELL PHONES - Cell phones should not be visible and should not be heard. If I see you on your phone I will take it. If it is on your desk I will take it. There will be a few instances weekly in which I will ask you to use your phone as a reference. After that particular activity is finished, if you continue to have your cell phone out it will be taken.

FOOD AND DRINK – No food in the classroom, no exceptions. Drinks are acceptable as long as you do not spill or share it.

RESTROOM PASSES – visit the restroom between classes.