Mrs. Shepard's English IV and U.S. History


Senior English - Week of Apr. 25-29 This week we will continue reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  Vocabulary test on Thurs. Apr. 28 on the second set of words.  There will be a quiz at the end of each chapter.

ALL U. S. HISTORY STUDENTS - 3rd hour EOC is Friday May 6.  6th and 7th hour EOC is Tuesday May 10.  Students must pass the test to receive credit for U.S. History.  Additionally this test will count as the final exam grade for the course.  Students should be studying the review sheets they received in class on Thurs. Apr. 21 as well as using the Quizlet online reviews they were provided. 

To see the Quizlet reviews for history go to, search for Nevillehs4, this will take you to Mrs. Shepard's Quizlet list, select any of the 4 EOC review lists.

U.S. History‚Äč - Week of Apr. 25-29 This week we will continue discussing the Vietnam War, then begin EOC review.  Thursday 2nd presidents quiz!

                          Mrs. Shepard’s Classroom Requirements


English  and U.S. History -

Students are expected to complete all tasks at the assigned times.  In addition, we expect students to be on their best behavior, to come into the classroom ready to learn, and to practice academic integrity.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  The purpose of this class is to reach students to think, to read and write analytically and independently, and to prepare them for college.

 Keep this sheet in your binder all year.

Below is a list of materials needed.

REQUIRED MATERIALS. Bring the following materials to class each day:

-two pens any color and at least one red pen

- 3 ring binder with tab dividers and loose leaf paper

- hi-liters

-3X5 note cards kept in your binder pocket

-correction fluid

-textbook - English IV students do not need to check out a textbook.  U.S. History students - checking out a textbook is optional, however failure to check out a textbook will not excuse you from any assignments.

-each class is asked to bring a different classroom supply, check the board for your class hour’s supply item.

SUMMER READING TESTS.  You will be required to take a test on the summer reading.

GRADING POLICY.  Grades for this course are figured on a “total points” basis.  Major components include test grades, writing assignments, homework, quizzes, class work, bell work, participation, and a special project grade.

 ENTERING THE CLASSROOM. We enter the classroom in a calm, quiet manner. Enter silently and take a seat. Remember: Once the door is closed, you must be in your seat and working. (That means having the necessary materials out on your desk.)

 BINDER. This is an important tool. Bring it to class with you every single day. The notebook will be graded during each 9-week grading period. Your notebook grade will count as one test grade of your final 9-week grade.

ASKING QUESTIONS.LEAVING YOUR SEAT.GETTING HELP. Raise your hand and I will acknowledge you. Please do not leave your seat while the teacher is teaching or there is a classroom discussion.

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR. Your responsibilities in this class are to: be on time, be prepared, and be productive. All team members are expected to be polite and respectful to one another---and that includes the teacher. No student will be allowed to disrupt the learning of his or her classmates.

MAKEUP WORK. When you are absent you are expected to make up any work you missed. On the day you return, it is your responsibility to ask what assignments you have missed.  You have the same number of days to make up work as the number of days you missed school only if the absence is excused.  I will not remind you for any missed work.  Remember the district policy state that all excuses must be submitted to the office within two days of your return to school.

HOMEWORK. Homework, when assigned, will be due at the beginning of class. Have it out on your desk ready to be picked up or checked. 

ASSIGNMENTS.  All assignments are to be done in ink on loose leaf paper.  Pencil and spiral paper are not acceptable.  All assignments should have the following information in the upper left hand corner:  your student number for my class, first and last name, the date, and the subject and class hour. (English IV-1) 

READING.   Students will be called on to read aloud in class.

PROJECTS.  Group and individual projects will be required throughout the year.  Some will count as test grades, while others will count as classwork.  This will be determined on a project by project basis.

CHEATING.  Cheating and/or plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Cheating will result in a zerograde for the assignment or test. 

MAKE-UP TESTS.  Make-up tests will be given before or after school, or at the teacher’s convenience.  It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for make- up tests.

END OF CLASS DISMISSAL. Two minutes before class ends, I will tell you to start getting packed up. We will straighten the room. Then, I will give you any last minute instructions and dismiss you.

TARDINESS. You are expected to be in your seat, with you ID badge on, with your work out and started on your desk, when I close the door. If you come in late and do not have a pass you are tardy.  If you are late (unexcused) for more than 5 minutes, this is not a tardy. You are considered to be "skipping” and you will be given an automatic referral.

RESTROOM PASSES. You are expected to use the restroom between classes.