Spanish I, II and Micro-Enterprise


I am delighted to teach your little darlings this 2017 -2018 school term.  We have some exciting assignments planned for this year.

For those of you who have students in Spanish I; this will be a challenging semester.  The first half is ALWAYS challenging because it is the building blocks of what is to come during the second half.  It is imperative that the students stay on task and complete ALL homework assignments as assigned.  HOMEWORK is a major player in learning Spanish.

Spanish II is delightful to me.  It pulls the language together and students will begin reading more (than in Spanish I) ...from a number of different perspectives, novels, newspaper articles, magazines, etc.  In addition to reading, we begin speaking...this will be quite daunting initially, but I MUST break the fear factor in order to increase Spanish communication.

This is my first year teaching Micro-Enterprise.  I am so excited about this class that I could jump through this computer.  Parents, please brace yourselves as I/we plow through what I believe is one of the most interesting classes at Neville High School.  We will learn some practical/valuable lessons with the intentions of your little darlings becoming gainfully employed and pursuing ambitions/thoughts of owning their own business(es). I will be calling upon you, the parents to help make this vision a reality.  More to come on this...

Again, let me say, thank you for entrusting the education of your child with me and with Neville High School.  Through partnership we can make GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.

LAGNIAPPE:  (A Little Something Extra)
1.  Missed assignments can be picked up in the classroom  - students should look in the folders under the "WHERE WERE YOU?" 

2.  All make - up exams will be given on the last Thursday of the month.  Students should schedule a time with teacher for this make up exam.  If we are out on the last Thursday, the exam will be given the following Monday.

3.  A total of 15 quizzes will be given during each 9-week period.   Teacher will DROP FIVE and keep TEN (10 x 10 = 100)  There will be NO MAKE-UPS for missed quizzes.

4.  Students will have their own personal 'GRADE SHEET'  Each student is responsible for recording his/her own grade so parents can view their standing at any given moment.

5.  ​PARENTS - DO NOT CALL/TEXT YOUR CHILD DURING CLASS.  THE CELL PHONE WILL BE CONFISCATED.  ​If there is an emergency, please call the office and your child will get the message and respond accordingly.