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Librarian - Mrs. Diane C. Martin
Library Assistant - Mrs. Jennifer Street



The 2018 Louisiana Teen Readers Choice Neville winner!
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Sixteen-year-old Willowdean wants to prove to everyone in her small Texas town that she is more than just a fat girl, so, while grappling with her feelings for a co-worker who is clearly attracted to her, Will and some other misfits prepare to compete in the beauty pageant her mother runs.

Chips are given for 90% or better AR scores on our
State Library's Louisiana Teen Readers' Choice books!
We have multiple copies of the LTRC books in your library.
The current list can be found in the Useful Links.

If you love to read,
 and you're willing to discuss books

and try new kinds of books...
Wednesday, Feb. 21, in your library
During both lunch shifts
We're all reading about
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(Suggestions: A Thousand Tomorrows; Tales of the Madman Underground, an Historical Romance 1973; Beautiful Creatures; Alex and Eliza, a Love Story; Son of the Mob; See Me; Eleanor and Park; Always and Forever, Lara Jean; Everything, Everything; Holding Up the Universe; The Moon and More; Marcelo in the Real World; Becca's Story; The Year of Luminous Love; The Comeback Season; Tender Is the Night; Pygmalion; The Host; Pride and Predjudice; Romiette and Julio; The Mermaid Chair; The Time Traveler's Wife)
Bring your lunch, and enjoy our snacks.

Accelerated Reader
NHS has 3,491 books with AR quizzes

Students take AR quizzes only in the library and must have their ID's
 and completed reading logs.
Congratulations to our 160 AR goal achievers
 for the 2nd nine weeks!
Candy bars given January 11 and an iPad mini drawing

3rd nine weeks last AR quiz days:
March 2 - Donn, Etzel, and Sawyer
March 5 - Collins, Sandifer, and Tucker
March 6 - Cummings, Herron, and Waters

Home Connect is available to monitor AR progress; 
see links for it and for AR Book Finder in the Useful Links.

A Neville pen is given for the first 100 on any AR quiz.
Candy bars are given each 9 weeks to goal achievers
for teacher-assigned points achieved with 90% accuracy.
An iPad mini drawing for goals achievers is held
each 9 weeks at the Renaissance Assemblies.
Million Word Readers are recognized at the
spring awards assemblies. 

Looking for a book in the Neville library or
doing research?

See the Useful Links to access the Neville Online Catalog, Gale Resources databases, and World Book Advanced Online! Ask us for user names and passwords needed to use them away from school.

28 library and 30 library lab computers available, networked to print,
with Internet access (MCS filter)
 60 Nooks (must have parental consent to check out)
 11,000 books
Printing for assignments: 5 pages free, then .10 per page
Copies: .10 each
Old newspapers, magazines, and paperbacks free for the taking
Maximum 5 books checked out at a time for 2 weeks and may be renewed
Overdue fine of .05 per school day
Students must have ID's to check out books 

A special way to honor friends and loved ones, while supporting the Neville library, is to have a book purchased with your donation. You may do this to celebrate birthdays, the birth of a child, retirement, or someone's life (memorial). Each item will have a bookplate identifying the donor and the person being honored.
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