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                 Substitute Directions for Friday 4-5-19

5th and 7th Period Biology - Read and complete the Food Webs - Food Chains worksheet.  Work in your desk. Do not work in the lab. Use complete sentences and appropriate grammar. Be sure to staple the pages in order and put your name on your work. Read your AR book when you are finished. 

6th Drafting - Work on the image provided. Call the file "lastname_press part". Email your work, complete or incomplete,  to You will receive a "0" if you do not turn in your work. 

This webpage is a work in progress, so please be patient as I continue to modify the page and improve its function. It is my intent to keep you on top of your game so check back here regularly for assignments, schedules, class rules and procedures and contact information should you need it.

A Special Note to Parents
: Please remember, I am only an email away! Though I do not discuss grades via email, I will discuss other topics with you such as behavior and classroom performance. Helping your student grasp all of the knowledge that must be presented during either course will take a coordinated effort, so please keep in touch.


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