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This week- 

Biology II-  Chapter 21- Digestive System
Chapter 22 Respiratory System

Biology 1-  Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Welcome parents and students!


On this page you should find basic class information as well as links to class projects and homework. 

Biology is its own language.  Many of the words we study in this class are exclusive to Biology or similar science classes.  Vocabulary study is EXTREMELY important to student success in this classroom.    

Please make sure each day to check online for homework assignments.  Remember, homework will be checked randomly.  If no homework is listed for that day, students should be reviewing vocabulary and reading information related to the topic we are discussing. Many students who are not happy with their grades in this course are doing little to no OUTSIDE reading.  Biology II students especially should be reading notes and vocab EVERY night.   Students will be asked regularly to give their opinion on topics and to form opinions about situations we discuss in class.  Everyone should feel that their opinion counts!  

Students who have a ZERO in for a project or test grade- either it was not turned in or you did not take the test. You must take it ASAP so that the grade can be changed.  

Ms. Harrison