" A Positive Attitude"
  " Adopting a positive attitude is very important. A positive attitude paves the way to success, it helps us to take on projects with determination and energy. Winners want to win. Winners know that in the long run, with work and resolve, they will win. Winners never contemplate the possibility of failure. They may lose some battles, but they use the experience to increase wisdom and their skills. Winners use each of life's lessons to win. "


Purpose:   This course is designed to aid students in developing skills necessary to complete requirements in academic classes, as well as preparing them for success on the iLEAP,GEE, and LAA2.  Various strategies are used giving them individualized instruction, extended time, peer tutoring, and oral and individualized testing.

Materials:  Organized notebooks according to individualized academic teacher's specifications. For content mastery class, students will need a folder for recording assignments, grades, etc.   Pen, pencils, highlighters, notebook paper, and any materials for special class projects.

Evaluation: Students are responsible for monitoring class work, homework, and test scores in their classes and to document the completion of their work, as well as grade received on completed work, quizzes, and projects in the appropriate manner in the assignment folder.  Grades are assigned weekly upon completion in each category.

Rules:        1. Treat others the way that you want to be treated.
                   2.  Be respectful to all others and their property.
                   3.  Use polite speech and body language.
                   4.  Be on time and on task.
                   5.  Be responsible for your own actions.
                   6. Abide by all Neville High School rules.  

Mrs. Sharon White
Special Education Inclusion Teacher
Neville High School
(318) 323-2237 EXT. 1294

Neville High School's mission is to inspire, educate, and motivate students to achieve excellence and become productive citizens.