1. Maintain quality instruction in the classroom.


A. We will provide well-planned opportunities for active learning of appropriate, essential elements where students are required to think, reason, problem-solve, etc., both orally and in writing.


B. We will significantly increase student participation in honors, GT and AP programs.


C. We will provide students with the organizational and study skills needed for high school success.


2. Maintain a positive school climate


A. Each of us will endeavor to exhibit a positive, enthusiastic, and caring attitude towards each other, our students, and our community.


B. Each of us will communicate directly, openly, and tactfully. We will identify problems early, then join together to work out the best solution possible.


C. Each of us will be a cooperative team player. We will openly support each other and be flexible as we work together toward our established school goals.


D. Each of us will treat information about our school in a professional manner.


3. Ensure a safe and secure school environment for students and staff. A. Each of us will model respect, cooperation and negotiation as alternatives to violence or verbal aggression when attempting to resolve conflicts.