Katherine Sandifer - Department Head    

Faculty -  M. H. Tucker,  B. CummingsR. Donn, J. SmithA. Rambin, M. Napoli, S. Evans, A. Boothe, K. SandiferZ. Shaw, A. Burkett

In the ninth-eleventh grades, English is offered as a regular, honors, or GT class. In the twelfth grade, students who have earned A's or B's in the honors classes may choose to take the Advanced Placement courses, which allow them to take tests at the end of the year to earn college credit. Students may also earn credit through dual enrollment with ULM or through CLEP exams.  The honors, GT, and AP curricula require more outside reading, more detailed papers, and a generally stronger work ethic.  Students who enroll in these advanced courses will be well prepared for college.   In addition, a Creative Writing class is offered to tenth through twelfth grade students as an elective with no prerequisite.  The class annually publishes a literary magazine. 

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