Student Progress Center

Student Progress Center*

A vital step in helping your student achieve more is staying informed about their progress at school. One way to achieve this is for schools to tell you how your student is doing. Now, we can take that idea one step forward and provide you with the means, through technology, to monitor your child’s progress around the clock. The Student Progress Center is available to all students, parents and guardians of our school district. When parents and teachers work together as partners, learning becomes easier for the kids. 


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Information needed to create your account:

1. Select relationship - Mother, Father, or Guardian

2. Type Last Name (of the relationship selected)

3. PSN - Student's last 5 digits of their Social Security #. 

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The Student Progress Center affords students and family, with access to any computer or smart phone, the opportunity to monitor progress in each subject taken by their student.  The areas that can be monitored on a daily basis include:

  • Grades, both test and homework
  • Student attendance
  • Discipline referrals
  • Transcripts
  • Test Data

     The Student Progress Center is so current that parents are often made aware of grades, discipline, etc. before the students are.  Additionally, teachers may enter grades in the system prior to giving assignments back to the students allowing parents using the Progress Center to become aware of the grade, in some cases, before the student.