Work Permits

Student under the age of 18 must have a completed Workers Permit before they can start working. 

Click link below for Worker's Permit:



1. Students should click the link and PRINT the document. 

2. Student will complete the top portion of the form.

3. Students' Parent/Guardian will complete and sign the bottom portion of the form.

4. Student's potential employer will complete and sign the middle section of the form. 

5. Student will contact their counselor to arrange a time to bring the completed form to Neville OR the completed form can be scanned and emailed to the counselor OR the completed form can be faxed to Neville at 318-323-1737. 

6. Counselor will complete the rest of the process and contact the student to return to school to sign and pick up the Work Permit. 


If you have any questions, please contact your counselor via REMIND or Email. 

The Guidance office closed every Friday. Counselors have staggered vacation dates. Please contact your counselor for details.